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Complete Home Surveys Ltd is one of the leading Chartered property surveyors in St Helens. We offer residential valuations, Level 2 Homebuyer surveys, and Level 3 Building surveys to property owners throughout the region. Our surveyors conduct fair and honest surveys and provide detailed reports based on our findings. We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, which means we work to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Here is a rundown of each service:

Standard Residential Valuation

A standard residential valuation provides you with a report indicating the current market value and reinstatement cost of a property. Sometimes an official residential valuation is required for legal or financial purposes, especially if you’re a cash buyer or involved in probate proceedings.

However, a standard residential valuation won’t give you detailed information on the problems with a property. The reinstatement cost merely refers to the cost of rebuilding a similar type of home without actually addressing the specific issues with your particular home.

Level 2 Homebuyer Survey

A Level 2 Homebuyer survey identifies the specific problems found inside and outside a property and the recommended repairs needed to fix them. We will even include a detailed summary of the potential risks found on the property.

This survey doesn’t provide a residential valuation and reinstatement cost estimate as standard, however, we can provide this for an additional fee.

Level 3 Building Survey

A Level 3 Building survey involves a more thorough building inspection. The surveyor will inspect the most vulnerable areas of the building to look for signs of damage. These areas include cellars, attics, plumbing, electrical wiring, roofing, visual defects, heating systems, flooring, and drainage. The report also covers issues such as dampness and structural movement.

This survey doesn’t provide a residential valuation and reinstatement cost estimate as standard, however, we can provide this for an additional fee.

Do you have questions about our various property surveying services in St Helens? Find out which survey is the most appropriate for you by contacting us at 0151 556 7613 or email us at to find out more information.

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Whether you are a first time buyer or an established landlord, our expert team are here to help you on your journey to purchasing your next property.

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  • We are Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which means we work to the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

  • We currently operate across the North West, covering St Helens, Wirral, Southport, Wigan, Widnes and St Helens.

What Survey should I choose?

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A Help-to-Buy valuation is an independent valuation from a RICS registered valuer for a property bought with the Help-to-Buy scheme, introduced by the government to support first time home buyers.

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Residential Valuation Report
Residential Valuation Report

A standard Residential Valuation is different from a more detailed Homebuyer Report or Building Survey. This type of report aims to provide you with a current Market Value of a particular property.

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Homebuyer Report
Level 2 RICS Homebuyer Report

The Homebuyer Report, or ‘Level 2’ report, is our most popular type of survey and is suited to most traditionally constructed houses, apartments and bungalows which are in reasonable condition.

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Building Survey
Level 3 RICS Building Survey

A Building Survey or as it is more commonly known, a ‘Structural Survey’ or ‘Level 3 Survey’ is a much more comprehensive type of report that is recommended for older properties, or properties of non-traditional construction.

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